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Take Your Aging Leather Interior From Nice To 'Wow!'

Of all the interior options, leather upholstery remains perhaps the most luxurious but summer heat and ultraviolet rays can be damaging.

So what’s the secret to supple seats, plush armrests and a smooth dashboard year after year?

Why You Should Take A Peek At Your Vehicle's Belts, Hoses

Serpentine belts and power steering hoses are not the kinds of topics that tend to come up in daily conversation among friends. Yet, they are two especially crucial components that keep your car on the road. Here’s why they need regular inspection.

Give Your Olfactory Senses A Tropical Holiday

Entering your vehicle can delight the senses, especially if you’ve infused the cabin with essential oils, scented waxes or sprays.

Give your interior an aroma that will impress, especially during the hottest months of the year.

Drive-In Cure For Your Family's Stay-At-Home Blues

One group of entertainment venues has turned lemons into lemonade for thousands of moviegoers across the fruited plains. The local drive-in theater offers a convenient escape for families suffering from the stay-at-home blues.

Cool Tips For Your July Excursions

A warm breeze, the sound of soft rubber on a hot pavement and canine slobber on the rear windows. Welcome to the Dog Days.

How can you up your summer fun quotient and keep your cool when the mercury rises?

Steering problems? Heed The Warning Signs

Power steering fluid might be one of your vehicle’s most important--and underappreciated fluids.

Learn to spot the signs that your power steering system might need a checkup.